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Accumulators are vessels containing nitrogen charged bladders that will compress and absorb energy allowing the cylinder to act as a shock. Typically an accumulator is used 1 per cylinder; yet in rare cases it is possible to have 1 accumulator handle a pair of cylinders when the cylinder set is “teed” sharing the same pressure source. Accumulators can be used with or without the use of springs. When installed, the ride quality will be phenomenal.

Our offered diaphragm accumulators are 20 cubic inches in size, produced by Parker. They come pre-charged to 350psi and will be “plug & play” for most vehicles. The charge is pre-plugged from the factory for maximum protection, and lifespan. Also available are the adapter fittings to 3/8 pipe thread male for easy installation.
Parker Accumulators - Price: $99.00 add to cart
Fitting Adapter - Price: $5.00 add to cart