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Hydroholics.net is the only manufacturer of the 5-Dump Manifold. This is to be used on single pump applications, and is perfect for installations looking to conserve space. The concept is simple: 1 dump valve for each corner, and 1 valve that returns the fluid back to the pump reservoir. When you want to lift the front, the rear valves are activated allowing fluid to rush in, and since the valves are open the fluid cannot build pressure in those areas and rushes to fill all non-open areas thus in this case lifting the front. When lowering the car, the pressurized valves PLUS the 5th return valve is activated.

System capabilities: This setup will allow front (up/down), back (up/down), sides (up/down) and any corner(s) to be lifted from a pancaked position (corners require individual 12-prong switches).

Important note: As the manifold works on weight of the vehicle, pancakes up or down speed/priority corner are determined by unbalanced weight. Alternate wiring options may be necessary in the rare case of vehicles with 50/50 weight distribution (see wiring diagrams)

Dimensions: 8"L x 5 1/4"D x 2 1/2"H

Price: $325.00 add to cart

Our manifolds use only genuine Delta dump stems and coils supplied with 24” wire leads. Don’t be confused with Delta knockoffs, these have been proven to be some of the most reliable dumps available.

Each 5 dump manifold body is CNC machined with a brushed aluminum finish. A 3/8” NPT ‘return’ port is supplied in the front center of the manifold, while the ‘press’ can be supplied through one of the (3) 3/8” NPT ports available (one on each side, or front next to the ‘return’). One row of (4) 3/8” NPT cylinder outlet ports is supplied on the top of the manifold and one row on the bottom. In the event that accumulators are used, they may be mounted to the bottom row, while the lines out to the cylinders may be fed off the top (or vice versa).

Important note: Only ONE ‘press’ port can be used, the other two must be capped with the supplied allen plugs. All ports not being used must be plugged!


To mount the manifold we suggest using the (2) 3/16 supplied mounting holes supported by a rack (not supplied by Hydroholics)