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We utilize genuine Rockford 4-bolt pumps heads made in the USA. The standard 3/8 oil port has been threaded along with an additional threaded ½ side port for maximum flow. Each oil port excepts pick-up elbows to allow pump side mount options redirecting the oil flow from the bottom of the tank reservoir. This will also be beneficial in high oil consumption applications where it is necessary to maximize tank capacity.

Each pump block has a port matched 3/8” press and return finalized with a machine brushed aluminum finish. A proven ‘blowproof’ seal between the motor and pump head eliminates internal leaking. Standard 3/8 coarse thread mounting holes come pre-drilled in the base of each block.

Also sold separately.

All of our pumps come standard with machine brushed aluminum backing plates engraved with the Hydroholics logo to assure the strongest method of securing the tank to the block. The tank is supplied in chrome with a 3/8” NPT filler cap.


Our motors are engineered for low resistance and high rpms achieved through carbon brushes, and a tightly wound armature reinforced by a metal banded fiberglass resin wrap. These motors are ideal for achieving high torque out of low voltage systems. Each motor is chrome plated and includes a machine brushed aluminum, vented, ball bearing end cap engraved with the Hydroholics logo.

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